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Why I Hate Leechers

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Almost every day, one or two leechers such falls into my hands. Sometimes even more.

At the moment I have an eye for about 50-100 potential users, who are close to the limit.

Leeches are everywhere. They were and are and there's nothing you can do about it. But let's have to be on guard, because the hunter leeches watches.

The funny thing is, how many users assume new account immediately after receiving the limit.
They're trying to screw us.

Remember leeches that you observed. Multi accounts are not permitted here. If I catch you, I will give a permanent ban.
Do not try to write to other users to ask for a link, it's also threatens to ban

Haha yeah, don't f?ck with me!

At the moment, each new user receives access to free 100 music videos.
I think it's still too much for someone who has us in the ass.
But ok, let you be...

Some are beginning to share only after receiving limit. But quickly they discouraged. I can not remember the last time either leech, which began to share, after having received the limit and back to the level of the grey user member.

If someone doesn't know. The limit is automatically switched off after winning ratio at 2:1

This means that if you downloaded 100 times, must get 50 thanks

In our database we have about 120K videos

Wow 120 000 music videos for download !!

I remember day when I discovered this page. It was amazing, so many great clips.
I started to share like crazy, as soon as possible to get to the files from Elite.
I was so motivated that I managed to get the 1,000 points in less than two months. It was worth it!

You can have them all for free
All you have to do it a little bit to try and start to share with us your clips
I know, i know... it's not easy. 800 points to become Elite is quite a challenge.
It's still a kind of promotion, because until recently it was 1000 points

Yes, I hate leeches. But sometimes it's worth giving a second chance for those who want to repent and try something to share.

Remember, I work for the common good. Imposing a limit, I'm trying to motivate to share. I cannot force anyone. Greater joy than giving limits for leech, makes me when this begins to leech share your videos

I know that not everyone has a great collection of clips. I understand that

Therefore, always remains a shortcut.

Maintaining such a forum a lot of costs, and although I don't like how someone with money collected our good, but need these people to survive

Yours Leech Hunter

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