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Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Why I can't post/thank if I have already registered?

Because you haven't activated your account with the sent codes by e-mail. Check your e-mail and click on the activation URL received, also you should check your junk folder in case your e-mail program blocks our e-mails.

If none of the above works, send us a message to see how can we help you.

Why I can't get links from certain music/videos?

That's because that music/video is in The Elite Box or The VIP Box section and only Elite Members and Donators have access there. To get Elite Member rank, you must be an active part of this community by posting your video collection, or if you can't share your video collection you can simply Donate. See more details in here.

On the other hand, in The Uploader Box section only Elite Members and Uploaders can post or reply to messages. To get Uploader rank, you must collect a certain amount of points which are obtained each time a member thank you, and of course, you'll need to upload videos/music to get thanked by members.

If for some reason you can't upload videos/music or simply you want to get your promotion faster, you can get a lot of extra points if you use the BLOG feature of this forum to create and maintain your own, personal and nontransferable BLOG with whatever you want, if it is interesting.

Please observe that once you obtain the Uploader rank, you'll have to keep it alive by uploading/updating your blog or you could be demoted after certain amount of inactivity.

Why my rank suddenly changed to "Limited" and lost various privileges?

The answer for this one should be straightforward, but anyways here's why:

Simply because you thanked a lot with the sole purpose of getting the links without contributing not even with an interesting post/review of what you had downloaded. We want an interactive community! so, occasional posters will be pruned as well.

This site IS NOT and never will be a place just to give away things for leechers, it is a FORUM to exchange ideas and stuff, otherwise it would be a simple page in

The most important privilege you can lose is the ability to thank posts and therefore not able to get links.

Being a Limited user doesn't means that you have been banned, simply means that you're in the "freezer" until you demonstrate that you aren't a leecher contributing in any positive way with our beloved community either uploading/sharing or just posting something relevant like a review of what you had downloaded (things like: great post!, thanks a lot!, good video and stuff like that won't help you), so you should keep your thanks - points/post count ratio balanced if you don't want to become a Limited User or get rid of it if you already became one.

You can even create and keep a blog here with whatever you want, if it is interesting for our community, this could guarantee that you'll never be Limited again as long as you keep your blog updated.

A healthy thanks - points/post count ratio would be 2:1, which means for example that if you have thanked 50 times, you should have at least 25 points/useful posts.

As this is done automatically by the system, there may be errors. If you think this is the case, please contact someone from the staff to review it.

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